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This is a resource driven by new research and insights about learning styles and more specifically, the visual learning style. Hopefully you will find information here that will make you more adept at working with your own learning style as well as finding ways to understand the learning styles of others (or how to teach those with a range of learning styles).


There has been an enormous amount of research, particularly over the last decade, about learning styles and the implications of various learning preferences on success in various arenas. Accordingly, there are numerous distinctions due to the many tests for learning styles that have emerged, which makes it difficult to identify just one form of the standard “visual learner.”  For the sake of ease, reading, and learning, this website is taking an overarching approach to the topic of visual learners by eliminating some of the narrower distinctions within the concept of visual learning styles and focusing on the broader, more important issues.

What this website will present is a more generalized overview of visual learning styles within the more focused context of the tests and methodologies that these distinctions are derived from. Again, there are many tests that make subdivisions in the arena of visual learning styles and while these more specific issues will be discussed, the focus of this site is on what it means to be a visual learner, how to make the most of having a visual learning style, and ways that educators, managers and others can adapt or at least understand what it means to work with or teach those with a visual learning preference.

One of the first steps we encourage readers to take is to gain an understanding of personal learning style by taking at least two of the learning styles tests available online and linked here. Following this, we want the reader to spend some time analyzing and comparing the results among tests and against expectations. Sometimes people are surprised at the results and just as often, people get confused by what seems like conflicting data and feedback after comparing the results of all of the different tests.

If you are someone with a visual learning style, you’re likely to find a wealth of pertinent and useful information on this site, but it’s worth mentioning that there are others who can benefit from the information here as well. Educators, managers, and those with opposite learning styles can fine-tune their understanding of diversity of learning styles and adapt their approaches in the classroom, work, or group setting accordingly.

We hope that this broad overview of the visual learning style presented here and supported by peer-reviewed, scholarly research is helpful, whether you’re someone with a visual learning preference or someone hoping to learn more. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it anytime with questions, comments, feedback, or to submit some of your own thoughts for possible paid publication on the site.


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